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Our Services


With our fleet of temperature controlled vehicles T. Castro delivers wholesale produce to food service comapnies in: Hospitality, Education, Dining, Healthcare, Entertainment, and more.

T. Castro utilizes a large network of suppliers throughout all levels of food service to ensure quality, timeliness, and cost effectiveness for our customers.  Beyond produce T. Castro sources Dairy, Meat, Poultry, Canned, Dried, Frozen, and Paper products daily, making us capable of covering any gaps your organization may be facing on any given day.

Contact us to learn more about how we can service your organization!

Food Boxes

Finding a new niche during the 2020 pandemic, T. Castro has now expanded our efforts in the food box segment.  We work with healthcare, charitable, and governmental programs to provide food boxes to persons in need. 


We customize our food boxes to any need including, produce, dairy, protein, non-perishable, and medley boxes to fit organizational goals and ship the boxes all across the State of Illinois. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help tailor a food box to your needs!


T. Castro was at the forefront of on-site farmers markets. For decades we have been designing and running farmers markets throughout the state.

Farmers' Markets are sponsored by a variety of organizations in healthcare, education, government and various sectors.  After a budget and headcount is established it is as simple as where and when you would like our team to deliver, set-up, run, and break down the event. We take care of product selection, procurement, and quality inspection, or have an input on the products you would like to see at your farmers market.

Contact us to learn more about sponsoring an on-site Farmers' Market today!

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