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Owned by Persons With Disabilities

With Illinois being one of the few states to include persons with disabilities in their minority business classification, T. Castro is certified as a Minority Owned Business at all levels of government.



The DBE/ACDBE is a federally allocated certification for those companies meeting the federal requirements. Persons with Disabilities were included in the federal classification and T. Castro became the first federally recognized company owned by a person with disability under the DBE program. 

State of Illinois

T. Castro is certified under the State of Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP).  T. Castro has and continues to hold our Persons with Disabilities Business Enterprise under the State of Illinois' Minority Business Enterprise Program

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City of Chicago

The City of Chicago's business enterprise programs recognizes businesses owned by persons with disabilities under their Business Enterprise Program.  T. Castro is certified Business Enterprise Owned by People with Disabilities (BEPD) under Chicago's MBE program.

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